The Hynerians are legendary lovers, known beyond doubt from the Pleiades to Andromeda and all points between. Rygel the Angelic, aka Rygel VIII, personally oversaw the development and crosspollination of the fruit developed over the course of three centuries using a combination of exotic fruits from seven galaxies.

From the outside, Hynerian passion fruit looks like a normal green mango. When cracked open and exposed to air, the fruit illuminates and pulses. The inner edges generate heat while the center rapidly cools to the touch. A single succulent bite intoxicates the neural synapses responsible for amorous awareness while heightening the physical nerve endings in ways beyond imagination.

No one is really sure whether the fruit makes the sensations of intercourse better or simply causes one to think that it does. Moreover, no one really cares since the end result is an experience lovers have traded years in Hynerian dungeons to experience, and say they would do the same if given the chance. The fruit trades on the black market at prices only the wealthy can afford. If caught punishment is severe. On our island, however, it’s the main course tonight.