How do you see? With your eyes. Perhaps your mind does the seeing or at times maybe your heart. Do you know who processes your data before you call it your own.

I sit down to breakfast and open my box of donuts. Before me in a single carton are four white powdered donuts, four chocolate covered and four plain cake-like ones. The morning is still, quiet with suspense as the opening prologue of cardinal chatter dancing within my ears reminds me I’m not alone.

I look at my donuts. No arguments, no fights, no yelling about who is the better donut or why this group is in front of that group. No posturing of the powdered group to be picked ahead of the plain group. Just donuts. Even breakfast greets me with wisdom for the day. I marvel at the blessed teachers in my life. Today, I shall live like my donuts. In peace and harmony with all around me and a love that remembers the bond between us all.