My arms fold into you with a care and strength unknown to any other. I glance into your eyes and marvel at the curve of your cheeks illuminated by a million stars on this moonless night with the soft reddish cast from our gently ringing red bells. The river appears on fire with thousands of multi-colored flower candles drifting down the river with nary a bob, such is the quiet of the night, the smoothness of the glass-like river surface.

From the banks, a thousand eyes watch for the first kiss, a kiss between lovers from a distant land and another time. The warmth and softness of the embrace meld the beat of my heart into yours, and for a moment, there is just this, there is just now, there is just us.

My love knows no bounds, no limits. Try as I might what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine, where before there were two, now stands one. Through the tremble of my lips, my love overflows beyond any power I have to contain it and I feel a lightness to the night that defies description. I’m in love and my heart overfloweth into the soul of my lover. As the candles flow down the river, we flow together in timeless enchantment fueled by hearts that know no bounds.