Where does this end and that begin. There are moments and there is flow. Where is now and where is past and where is future. I don’t know. I see, I label, I put in neat little boxes. This here, that there. I’m happy. There is order, in my mind. Yet, the nagging feeling persists. Where exactly does the Mississippi river become the Gulf of Mexico. Can you show me. Exactly where.

Each step of the staircase is a moment, yet each moment only exist in relation to the one before. When does that moment become this moment. Can you show me. Exactly. Yet, there is this, and there is that. I take one step, but yet one step implies one before it and one before that and so on. Where does the on begin or where does my “on” begin. For that matter where does it stop. Can you show me.

I don’t know so don’t ask me. I’m here but just a minute ago I was there. There is change and there is flow and everything else is standing in the river against the current. I’m getting weak resisting the flow. I think I’ll just dissolve into now. 🙂