As soon as I saw this picture I immediately wanted to be those kids. Such simple innocence where “let’s go play” is your most often uttered phrase. The only time that matters is now and dinner might as well be next year. Death is something you see in movies and everybody loves to see you and has nothing but your best interest at heart. The sun feels warm, the breeze is crisp and there is pure joy in just running around the windmills on a gorgeous day. You don’t own anything of real material value, but who cares. The sun, wind, rain and sky are yours whenever you want. How much more rich could you be. Anyone want to play?


Agnes, is this what you meant about jumping on our bikes and meeting at the creek? Don’t answer that, I’m on my way 😉

A, I understand we can rent bikes in your part of the world so don’t worry if you don’t have one. I can give you some hands on training if you haven’t rode in awhile.