Our teammate Catherine Ryan posted this yesterday. Mensa Child is her oldest son.

Mensa Child has just been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. He is scheduled for surgery on Thursday morning at 11. We are waiting for a phone call tomorrow to go get blood work done. The doctor wants to compare the protein in his blood before and after removal of the tumor. After the surgery, he will need a CAT scan to see if it spread elsewhere. In the meantime, we will wait for biopsy results while he’s recovering from the surgery.

As you know, I believe in the collective power of positive thinking. Some people call it prayer. Whatever you call it, I’d appreciate your positive thoughts for Mensa Child during the next week – but especially on Thursday – for a quick recovery and a diagnosis that does not include radiation or cancer.

Catherine, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Mensa Child. Please keep us updated.