Tommi, aka kernoweb2, has joined Team Andrax as mate #112. Tommi hails from Cornwall, England and has been a part of the grid for quite some time with Team GB. Rumor has it, kernoweb1, Tommi’s wife Sylvia, will be joining us soon–and she has! Welcome Sylvia. Tommi loves the paranormal so be sure to visit his excellent site on the matter —>Spirits of Cornwall

Tommi and Sylvia, welcome aboard. I can already feel the positive energy both of you bring from across the pond. Team Andrax is very lucky to have you join us.

In Tommi’s own words: What about……YEAH BABY YEAH !!!!

From Sylvia’s website: A part of us will always belong to the Internet. Why? Read the following account, written by our youngest son …..

“In January 2001 my dearest mother Sylvia sat down on her chair at her PC and went in an Internet chatroom. She used this next speech: ‘Does anybody want to talk sensible?’, and there was a response from Tommi. My mother started talking to him.

“After a while they got to know each other and got each other’s telephone numbers. Eventually they started talking to each other on the phone.

“My dearest mother and Tommi got together their thoughts and decided to move in together. Tommi lived in Northern Ireland and was going to move from Belfast to England. On the first of August 2001 Tommi arrived in Cornwall.

“After just a couple of days Tommi asked Sylvia to marry him, and so they came to be together for ever and ever, beyond the stars above for their great love.”