Picturesque view from one of my rides. The road, as it leads to the left of the picture, is the scene of my worst accident on the bike and the place where I met one of the angels in my life.

This shot is from the top of the hill. Immediately to my left the road turns down sharply. I had new tires on my bike and had decided to try for a new personal speed record. My previous high was just over 50mph.

This particular spot is about 18 miles from my house and I don’t often ride in this direction. As I started down the hill I miss calculated one last turn in the road before it straighten out. I had reached about 45 mph when I realized my mistake. As I tried to make the curve, I quickly ran out of road to my left as the road curved right. At 38mph I hit the gravel on the side of the road and the bike slid out from under me. I missed a hidden culvert by 10 feet.

When I picked myself up, I had blood streaming down my arm with razor-like cuts on my back and side and my right hip looked like ground meat. The cut on my left elbow eventually required stitches inside of stitches.

With the adrenaline flowing, and thinking I could and would ride back home, on this deserted road in the middle of nowhere my angel appeared. She was looking for her son and when she saw the mess I was in, immediately stopped and demanded that I get in her car.

Even with her aid, the cut on the elbow became infected and six days after the accident I was in the hospital for surgery. I no longer attempt to set personal speed records. Instead, I enjoy the view and thank God that angels still pass this way.

This photo on top is actually two photos stitched together. Click on the image to see a larger view. The second photo is where the road starts it’s descent. The miscalculated turn is out of site around the bend.