Sept 5th, 2005

3:32 P.M. Ben Morris, Slidell mayor: We are still hampered by some of the most stupid, idiotic regulations by FEMA. They have turned away generators, we’ve heard that they’ve gone around seizing equipment from our contractors. If they do so, they’d better be armed because I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them deprive our citizens. I’m pissed off, and tired of this horse$#@@.”

2:24 P.M. – (AP) Some 400 to 500 police officers from New Orleans’ 1,600 member force were unaccounted for, Deputy Police Chief W.J. Riley said.

Reinforcements for police arrive from around the country, allowing a rest for emergency workers who have been working nearly nonstop since before the storm hit.

10:12: A.M. – Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard: I’m not surprised at what the feds say, they’re covering their butts. They’re keeping the body counts down because they don’t want to horrify the nation. It’s worse than Iraq, worse than 9-11. They just don’t want to know how many were murdered by bureaucracy.

10:10 A.M. – Broussard: I know what the body count is so far, but I won’t horrify the nation.

Mayor: Katrina death toll may hit 10,000