Gone with the Water (National Geographic–October 2004)

Drowning New Orleans (Scientific American–October 2001)

One week ago New Orleans was the 35th largest city in the country. Today it exist in name only.

“We are the lucky ones.”

I spent an hour on the phone with my uncle in Baton Rouge today. Baton Rouge has grown from a city of 240,000 to around 500,000 in the last week. The infrastructure cannot support this level of growth. No hotel rooms available, no apartment space available for rent, all office property occupied. 8 of 10 gas stations have no fuel, grocery stores are not able to keep their shelves stocked, traffic–already bad–is virtual gridlock. Helicopters fill the air. Where my uncle lives one passes overhead every five minutes or so. And yet, as my uncle says, “We are the lucky ones.”


By the way, does anyone know where Dick Cheney is?