WASHINGTON (CNN) — Defending the U.S. government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff argued Saturday that government planners did not predict such a disaster ever could occur.

But in fact, government officials, scientists and journalists have warned of such a scenario for years.

Forget everything else that has happened over the last six days. For Chertoff to make this statement is either the height of ignorance, incompetence or simply bold-face lying.

For my friends not from New Orleans, position papers and studies on what would happen if the leeves broke are as old as the leeves themselves. I knew as a child, because my parents and relatives all told me, what would happen if the “big one” ever hit NOLA directly. We are not talking rocket science here. New Orleans is below sea level and surrounded by water. Only the leeve system kept the city dry.

Full article here—>Chertoff: Katrina scenario did not exist

Folks, the final death toll will probably be in five figures. What we are seeing is the greatest CYA operation in recent memory. Chertoff knows someone is going to have to answer for this massive loss of life and he is trying to shield himself from blame. Comments like the ones he made yesterday are salt in an open wound.


“The first few days were a natural disaster, the last four days were a man-made disaster.”

Phillip Holt, 51
New Orleans evacuee