Inside the CBD coverage. CBD (Central Business District)

Check this site for reports by those still inside the city. This is the most “raw” coverage of events I’ve found. Not a pleasant read.

For my Varsity Gold friends, our director of operations, Charise Parsons has sent this communication this morning. Since Lyle and Jim are going to match contributions dollar for dollar, if you were going to contribute through the Red Cross, please do so via VG.


In light of the recent devastation faced by those affected by Hurricane Katrina, we would like to set up a donation fund. Just as with the Tsunami Relief Funds, Varsity Gold will match dollar for dollar any amount submitted by employees and/or reps and see to it that 100% of the money goes directly to the victims whose lives are changed forever.

The name of the organization checks are to be made payable to is: Red Cross — with Hurricane Katrina Relief written in the bottom left corner of the check. Please mail your donations to the home office no later than Friday, September 16th marked to the attention of Sally Aki.

We were able to send over $20,000 to the Tsunami Relief Efforts, now we need to take care of those who are closer to home.

Thank you for your help,