The last few days have been shocking and stunning. I have family and friends who were in harm’s way, some have lost their homes, a few I still have no communication.

The purple and gold colors of the flower remind me of my days at LSU. My memories of those 10 years on that campus are memories of a lifetime. When I think of my home state, I like to think of the good, the part that will always be a part of who I am. Each day, the news from New Orleans is more heartbreaking, the stories more tragic. As Brett Farve said yesterday, things will get worse before they get better.

This flower represents all that is good, from the Coast Guard pilots working night and day to save lives to the folks that visit here and leave notes of support. The flower is my way to say thanks to all who visit here. This is the hour of need for more in my home region and I can count. What can you do? Pray. Just pray. If you feel moved to give, give cash to the charity of your choice. Material gifts are not needed at this moment, but I’m sure will be needed in time. My heartfelt appreciation my friends.