7:59 P.M. – Mayor Nagin: Pumps at 17th street canal has failed and water will continue pouring into the city. Nine feet of water is expected on St. Charles Avenue that will be nine feet high. Water is expected to spread throughout the east bank of Orleans and possibly Jefferson Parish.

6:41 P.M. – Efforts to stop the levee break at the 17th Street Canal have ended unsuccessfully and the water is expected to soon overwhelm the pumps in that area, allowing water to pour into the east bank of Metairie and Orleans to an expected height of 12-15 feet.

6:03 P.M. – N.O. Councilman Oliver Thomas: “What you see on TV, you have no idea what the level of devastation and frustration is on the street.”

5:57 P.M. – Jeff Parish schools chief Dianne Roussel says two months is probably “optimistic” to get schools back and functioning.