My cancer fighting friends, more good news communicated today. Although UD is still working on getting the stats (remember they are just for fun) database back up to date, we are still moving forward on the real work. Once the stats are back up, all the points you have accumulated in the interim will be credited (again, the stats have no significance and no meaning other than to invoke some friendly competition, a somewhat measure of work we have done, and just fun for us stat junkies). The real work is the data sent, and on that account we are moving forward.

My thanks again for all the love and compassion this team has shown Karen and Nate. I’ve said it in other places and I’ll say it here again, although we crunch molecules to help find a cure, I have always felt the crunching was secondary to the hope, strength and love we are able to share and give to those in their hour of darkness and need. For the love and support I have seen you guys share, I am forever thankful to have somehow been fortunate enough to cross paths with all you great guys and gals. It is my privilege to say we are teammates in this fight.

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:00 am

We have completed another Rosetta job and are currently rolling up the final results. As mentioned earlier, we will leave the job active for a week so that any outstanding workunits can be credited. Hopefully this new process is working for everyone.

A new Rosetta job has been activated so you may continue to crunch away at the new data. Thank you for your contribution. _________________ —————–
Robby Brewer
Senior Support Engineer
United Devices