Tour of Germany winner Levi Leipheimer, USA, of team Gerolsteiner is congratulated by Jan Ullrich during the winners’ ceremony in Bonn, Germany, today. Ullrich finished second in the 9 stage Tour of Germany. Wonder what he must be thinking about all these damn Americans getting in his way.

“This is the biggest success of my career,” said Levi. “This race has matured and is now one of the top three races so I am overjoyed to win it.”

Well, Levi, I’m not so sure I would go that far, but it is a great accomplishment and our hats off to you brother. Well deserved. Levi held the yellow jersey over the last five stages and bested Jan by 31 seconds.

Looks like the same two girls on the podium again. In fact, these two girls apparently worked the podium at the end of each stage. Looks like they’ve improved their technique, so good for them–lol.

Good news brothers–The Vuelta (Tour of Spain and the third of the major stage races after the Tour of France and Tour of Italy) starts on the 27th of August, that’s this Saturday, and finishes on the 18th of September. I think we’ve seen the “view” from Spain is not all that bad. Stay tuned.