Trée: 814,631
My Mom: 94,367
Emily: 69,972
Brad: 67,601
Sherry: 65,969
Sally: 58,420
Amber: 56,655
Nate: 52,947
Bobby-TB: 53,060
John: 49,724
Rob: 37,221
Kevin K: 34,721
Mertzy: 34,606
Jeff: 29,412
Lee: 22,401
Mishelle: 17,608
Art: 8,954
Christa: 2,964
Catherine: 2,215
Autumn: 1,300
Marilyn: 397

Congrats to Bobby for breaking the 50k barrier!

I am so proud of all you brothers and sisters for the outstanding commitment to do something rather than nothing. Our cause is needed, our cause is just, and our cause is righteous. As our mate Nate, who is fighting this disease with his wife presently, likes to say, “Someone is counting on you.” When he posted that quote next to the smiling picture of his two young children, you would have to have been made of stone not to be moved.

You guys are hope givers. Don’t ever underestimate the power and value of giving hope to those who often feel abandoned and alone, who feel helpless and afraid. Crunch on my friends!