The exchange below is very, very exciting news.

“A while back, I spoke with my contact at Oxford, and he stated they had made a very interesting discovery. To back that up, JP said this:

Concerning the ” discovery,” he stated to me :

Our good news is that from among the hits for the phophorylase we had
some of the compounds made and tested and have found about 10% [which is
very good] are indeed genuine inhibitors and what is more are quite novel
structures. We are now trying to interest pharmaceutical companies to take this further.”

More than 1 million volunteers from around the world have been crunching molecules in conjunction with the University of Oxford in the largest distributed computing project to find a cure for cancer ever undertaken. The scientists at Oxford feel this volunteer effort will cut 10 years off their research.

Thanks again to everyone on this fabulous international team. We are making a difference in science and we are giving hope and perhaps strength to those engaged in this terrible fight. As always, I take my hat off to you wonderful folks. Crunch on brothers and sisters. The goal is to examine 3.5 billion molecules and we are on our way!