Brad has worked with me for about a year and tomorrow is his last day.

Earlier this year he traveled back to LA and happened to meet a lovely young lady. The relationship grew, and with only eight days of actual togetherness, Brad has decided to “sell everything” and move to be with his true love. Romanticism lives.

Brad, my son, I wish you all the luck in the world and even though the logical side of me pauses, I applaud you for following your dreams, your passions, your heart. That young lady is one lucky girl. I hope she knows how lucky. If not, just tell her to call me and I’ll tell her.

Best of luck to you my friend. Make it work. Us romantics in the world are pulling for a story book ending. We will miss you dearly in the office. Take care my friend. Godspeed. Oh, and make sure you work your rear off tomorrow. Just because it’s your last day, I still want my ounce of flesh–lol.