Marilyn, thanks so much for joining us in this fight against such a terrible disease. We have a fabulous international team with some of the most caring and compassionate souls you will ever meet. Nate’s wife Tiffany is fighting this fight as we speak and we rally around her and Nate as Team Andrax’s own.

It’s also great to have another cyclist join our team, and the fact that you have fought this disease first hand is inspiring. I agree, what Lance has done off the bike, I believe, will outshine his legacy on it. Been wearing my yellow bracelet since before they were a fashion statement and I will probably wear it the rest of my life.

Again, Marilyn, welcome aboard. For our fellow mates, please check out Marilyn’s blog Creative Agents of Change, which is incredible and goes under the subtitle of “Stories of people who make the world a better place.” Well worth the visit.

Marilyn, we have a very friendly team, so don’t be surprised if a few of our team mates drop by and leave you welcome messages.