Savannah wants to know why you felt you could put off joining our team for another day. She doesn’t have cancer today, but the research we are doing right now may mean life or death for her in 20 years. Are you prepared to tell her what was so important today that you put off making a difference? I am asking you, are you prepared to face this young lady in 20 years and explain to her in the hospital, with a drip, what was so damn important today that you didn’t have 5 minutes to install this little screensaver like device?

Oh, and I’ve heard every excuse under the sun and I’m here to tell you my friend, every one of them is pure bullcrap. Security concerns–total complete BS. Performance issues–absolute BS. There’s some catch (pop-ups, emails, etc)–doesn’t exist, nada, nothing, zip. Will wear out my computer–give me a fricken break–I’ve got more than 3 years of cpu time running this device 24/7 on a laptop–you can try better than that. This will just make the big drug companies richer–sorry, all patents from this research stay with Oxford.

I’m not asking you for money. I’m not asking you to volunteer your time. 5 minutes to install a device and that’s it. There is nothing more for you to do, ever again other than just let the dang thing run in the background. Now, I ask you again. Are you prepared to face this little girl?

Karen, thanks for allowing us to use your precious little baby for our photo op. The life she helps save may just be her own. Savannah is 5 months old.Posted by Hello