To all the members of Andrax (our cancer fighting team) who have or are contributing to Team Andrax, I take my hat off to the effort you have made. Our cause is just; our cause is great; and our cause needs more kind-hearted volunteers to devote whatever spare cpu cycles they can.

Currently, Team Andrax is ranked #647 in the world rankings (out of 42,000+ teams). For such a young team this is quite remarkable. As much as I would like to see more volunteers join our great cause and help fight the good fight so that Team Andrax might move into the top 500 teams, I remind myself each morning as I look at the stats thats its not about our team, our stats, my stats, your stats. Its about giving hope to those that only have hope left.

Can you give hope today? Will you give hope today? They say you only ever get what you ask for, so, I’m asking. Please consider joining this great fight with Team Andrax. Stand beside us in the trenches, shoulder part of the burden, carry water if water is all you can carry, but by all means pitch in. Do it today. Do it to give hope to those little angels across the globe struck by a beast of a disease that they didn’t ask for and that they can’t defend themselves against and certainly that they didn’t deserve.

Ask Chow to tell the story of his latest employer’s son, who at the tender age of 12 is engaged in this fight. Does he have the weapons he needs? Can you hear his cry for help? Listen closely, that cry is there. You and I can’t save that little soul, but we can offer hope. We can download and run a very small device, that requires almost no effort on our part. I have an eleven yo son. I thank God he is healthy. If he had cancer, I would look for support wherever I could find it, and I would thank the heavens above for the kindness and mercy of strangers. Be that stranger. Today.

I tend to pray more in times of adversity then when life is good. I would trust most of us on these boards are in good health and young enough to still think we will live forever or so it seems. Tis not the case my friends. We will all get old, sick and eventually move to a better place (fingers crossed on that one). When we are in our hour of need, our hour of darkness, will we remember the words of our enemies or the silence of our friends?

Let your voice be heard. Let it be heard with action. Join us in this noble fight. Join us today.