A little rec for my good bro Trigger69:

Sometime in the early morning hours, not that I was up that late, Trigger outright demolished the 100,000 point barrier.

Your making a difference brother. While others sit on the sidelines, whine, beotch and complain about why something can’t be done, you’re taking action and making things happen. Not all is warm and fuzzy however; your results last night moved Team Andrax into spot #666 in the world rankings. w00t!

Crunch on my good brothers. Across this globe are little angels hoping and praying that somebody somewhere cares enough to do something. We might not find a cure today, but we can always give hope. Every WU sent back is a message of hope, a message of action, a deposit in the account of all things good. Make some good deposits in that account today. Rem: 86,400 (Time Movie ref).

Great Job Trigger!

For my VG2 friends, Trigger is a local cycling bro who’s crunching on our team. Look for him on the team stats. Like I said, we’ve got an awesome team. Please consider joining us. Oh, and by the way, that #666 ranking is out of more than 42,000 teams across the globe and we are moving up fast. We are now over 21 years of cpu time dedicated from our team–all in just about 5 months. WOW!