Since the school environment and principals in general most resemble High “S” behavior, here are a few ideas for effective communication with this group:

(1) Start with personal comments. Break the ice. (Don’t rush headlong into business or the adgenda.)

(2) Show sincere interest in them as people. (Don’t stick coldly or harshly to business.)

(3) Present your case logically, softly, nonthreateningly. (Don’t threaten with positional power, or be demanding.)

(4) Ask specific (perferably “How?”) questions. (Don’t interupt as they speak. Listen carefully.)

(5) Move casually, informally. (Don’t be abrupt and rapid.)

(6) If the situation impacts them personally, look for hurt feelings. (Don’t mistake their willingness to go along for satisfaction.)

(7) Provide personal assurances and guarantees. (Don’t promise something you can’t deliver.)

(8) If a decision is requiried of them, allow them time to think. (Don’t force a quick decision, provide information.)


(1) Logical reasons for change.

(2) Identification with team members

(3) Harmony. A happy home and work life.

(4) Procedures that have been proven.

(5) A road map to follow.

(6) Closure on tasks.

(7) Time to adjust to change.

(8) Appreciation.

(9) Recognition for loyalty and service.

(10) To know you care

(11) To work with a small group of people, develop relationships.

Work Hard, Have Fun,